Etreux - 100

The 27th of August 2014 will mark the 100th Anniversary of The Rearguard Action at Etreux in which the 2nd Battalion of The RMF were surrounded by a much larger German Army. Many men of the battalion lost their lives that day and many more were captured and were to spend the next 4 years as Prisoners of War. Mike McLoughlin who is one of our members will lead a Battlefield Tour and will be present in Etreux and many more from The RMFA will attend in a private capacity. There will be some of our members travelling from as far away as Canada to be there. Throughout the day, Professor Hedley Malloch, Ph.D. who lives and teaches in the area and is also a member of both The RMFA and The WFA has organised a number of events. The time table is listed here for those of you who may be interested in attending the various ceremonies.

Etreux time table 2014

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