The Last Absolution Location Map.

 From the Cinder Track to the Last Absolution site is approximately 2.6 km. The site is on the left-hand side  of Rue du Bois.


Last Absolution site map

 Google Earth view of the Last Absolution site. The road realignment is clearly shown and the old road  section has been bounded by a stone wall with an entrance at right end.

The cross on opposite side of road indicates the approximate position of the Chapel Notre Dame de Seez built in 1929 in replacement of the original destroyed during World War One.


 Rue du Bois and Rue de I'Epinette junction 

 I'Epinette &
Rue du Bois Junction

Driving from the Cinder Track along Rue du Bois, approximately  km. watch for the junction of Rue de I'Epinette with Rue du Bois, the Last Absolution site is 0.5 km. further along on the left-hand side.


  Stone walls Last Absolution site

 Last Absolution Site.

The stone walls on left enclosing the  old road section. The site of the Last  Absolution.

 Rue du Bois was realigned in the  1970's. The Chapel Notre Dame de  Seez was situated on the opposite  side to the stone walls.

 Land resumption for the road  realignment resulted in the chapel  being demolished.



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