Locon Church and Town.

Postcard photo Locon church circa pre WW1 perhaps 

 Locon Church pre WW1 right.

The photo rightt is thought to be pre WW1 vintage, the name of the church has not been identified and this is to be further researched.

La Couture to Locon, it appears there are a limited number of crossings over the River Lawe that separates  La Couture from Locon.

 The 2nd battalion was in billets at Les Chocquax and Le Tombe Williot (green area), on 17 March 2023  they marched  approximately 1.5-1.8 km. to a church at Locon.

 Locon stands on the left bank of the River Lawe, 5.5km north-north-east of Bethune. Here on April 12 1918  the Allies  were forced to fall back to Hinges as the German army assaulted and eventually took Locon.


Locon town photo devastated during battles of 1918 


Locon township post WW1

Locon was devasted during the ebb and flow of the 1918 offensive and during post war years was rebuilt.


Locon church rebuilt after WW1 


Rebuilt Locon Church right.  

 This photo is vintage  1937-1938. Locon was  devasted during the ebb and  flow of the 1918 offensive and  during post war years was  rebuilt. 


Locon church Google Earth street view 

 Locon Church 2011

 Google Earth street view taken  from further along the street.

 Note the house with the  mansard roof line on left edge  of photo, it is about center of  the photo above.




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Credits: Map top Google maps.
            Photo 1 From Internet possibly Ebay..
            Photo 2 Western Front Then and Now, published circa 1938 by C. Arthur Pearson Ltd.  
            Photo 3 Google Earth maps street view.