Locating the Last Absolution site.


Extract fro history booklet of Bethune areaThe first real clue to the location of the Last Absolution came from a history booklet about the Bethune area purchased by Michel Knockaert . The clue was the hamlet of L'Epinette located at the junction of Rue du Bois and Rue de L'Epenitte. The Last Absolution took place just west of the junction on the side of the road facing a small chapel identified as Notre Dame de Seez. The original chapel was built by the Leroy-Pottier family in 1867 and during the ebb and flow of battle in the  early part of the Great war was destroyed.

Note the Last Absolution painting presented by Mrs. Victor Rickard to the chapel owners in 1935.


Map extract location of chapel N.D. de Seez rebuilt 1929 Location Map Chapel N. D. de Seez.

Location of the Chapel Notre Dame de Seez. Extract from a 1961 map showing location of the chapel rebuilt in 1929.

The chapel was demolished by the authorities of Pas-de-Calais for the purpose of removing a dangerous bend in the road.

This work was carried out some time in 1970. The old section of the road is now used for storage of gravel.



Last Absolution painting presented to the chapel owner by Mrs V. Rickard in 1935 The Last Absolution Print
Presented By Mrs. V. Rickard In 1935.


The print presented in 1935 to the owners of the  rebuilt chapel by Mrs. Victor Rickard, was with other artefacts recovered from  the chapel Notre Dame de Seez before it was  demolished. Michel Knockaert located the framed  print on display at the time in the local Council  building.




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Credits: Photocopy of page from booklet Michel Knockaert.
             Map of chapel position in 1961 Michel Knockaert.
             Photo of framed painting the Last Absolution Michel Knockaert.