Nueve Chapelle Nord-Pas de Calais Region

 The Destroyed Township.Neuve Chapelle March 1915

Neuve Chapelle immediately  after  it's capture on 10 March  1915.

Nueve Chapelle is situated in the  Nord-Pas de Calais region of  France and has always been one  of the most strategic and hence  one of the most fought-over  regions of France. In the First  World War much of the region  was occupied by Germany and  many of its towns and hundreds  of square miles of land were  wrecked in four years of trench  warfare, with the region suffering  more damage than any other part  of France.

 Post WW1 Rebuild

Neuve Chapelle post WW1 photo circa 1938
Nueve Chapelle is situated midaway along the north-south line between Laventie and La Bassee, about 17 km. east of Lille. Aubers with it's famous ridge lies east of the village Photo left, Neuve Chapelle circa 1938.

Germany occupied Nueve Chapelle again in the Second World War and used the region as a  launching base for attacks on  England by the Luftwaffe. Heavy  Allied bombing and fighting on the ground again devastated many of the region's towns. 


 Neuve Chapelle church Google Earth 

Neuve Chapelle Post WW2.

This street view from Google Earth shows the rebuilt church (post WW2) with a slightly different entrance arch, on corner of Rue du Bois and Rue du Moulin.

Turning left in Rue du Moulin and approximately 0.64 km. along on the right hand side is a track that leads to an isolated cemetery





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              Bottom Google Earth steet view