Map displaying the relationship of other sites related to the 'Last Absolution' between Nueve-Chapell ands La Tombe Williot.

Regional Map 

 The route from Nueve-Chapelle to La Tombe Williot is approximately 13 Km traveling mostly on D171  west-south west out of Nueve Chapelle, 2.3 km to 'Cinder Track' entrance on left, 2.6 km to Last Absolution  site on the left, 0.5 km to Le Touret Military cemetery on left,  then 5.2 km north-west onD171, D178 passing  through Locon and finally 1.8 km on D182 to La Tombe Williot the area where the 2nd Munsters were  billeted on 1 May 1915.

Le Couture is approximately  km and  km from the Last Absolution site.

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