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From H. Malloch, June June 22, 2009.

. . .I am delighted to tell you that all of the regimental associations (RMFA, Connaught Rangers and the Light Dragoons) have indicated that they wish to support the project. The Connaughts and the Dragoons have to put the matter to their relevant decision-making bodies which will meet in the autumn, but the attitude of the officers of the Associations I have met has been very supportive.

The next step is to set a design and budget. I am meeting a French stonemason next week, together with M. Gruselle, the Mayor of Iron, to discuss . . . I expect that we shall have firm proposals from the stonemason . . . in late August.

I have obtained figures for other monuments erected in the battlefields recently. For an engraved block of stone about 90cm x 70 x 70 surmounted with an inscribed bronze plaque, then we are looking at a final figure of about �5-6,000 [stg.]. This figure should include the cost of signs and the accompanying events on the day of unveiling. With the help of the Western Front Association I shall be launching a public appeal for donations. Mr. Moloney has indicated that he would like an acknowledgement of the RMFA’s support for the project to appear on the monument and we shall do our best to accommodate this request.

I will write to you in September with further details.

Yours faithfully

Hedley Malloch.

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