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2nd Battalion Munster Fusiliers - Rue du Bois May 9 1915

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My God, the 9th of May will ever live in my memory. It was the spirit of everyone that was so astonishing. Several days before we knew that at 5.37 a.m., on 9th May � it was death or glory � that the German trenches which were impregnable since October were to be assaulted, yet there was never such a happy laughing crowd. (CSM. J. T. leahy 2nd Bn. Munsters)



Planning a visit to the Last Absolution location and other places of interest.

For those interested in visiting the site of the Last Absolution and other places associated with the 2nd battalion Munster Fusiliers, your travel will be in the Nord-Pas de Calais region of France.

Wherever your departure starts from, is sensible to have a reliable map of the Nord-Pas de Calais area of France. If you have Internet access, then you can plan your trip using Google maps. Co-ordinates for the places of interest are listed for use on Google maps. Rue du Bois runs through Neuve Chapelle and visitors should aim to use the town as their start point. Click on blue links for map and general information.

Regional map from Nueve Chapelle to La Tombe Williot. (The soldiers billeting area).

 The purpose of this map is to give a perspective of the relationship of the various sites to Nueve-Chapell

Neuve-Chapelle 62840 France. -  50�35'2.87"N  2�46'52.99"E

The village of Neuve Chapelle is some 5 kilometres north of La Bassee and 20 kilometres west-south-west of Lille. Heavy fighting in March 1915 destroyed the town.

Ruelle Noirette Rue du Bois 62136 near Richebourg. - 50�34'9.95"N  2�45'42.79"E

Translates from French as 'Cinder Track', situated on the left as you head west along Rue du Bois approximately 2.5 km. from Nueve-Chapelle

Last Absolution Assembly Site on Rue du Bois. - 50�33'35.81"N  2�43'46.29"E

In the 1970's a re-alignment of the road was carried out to remove a very tight turn to the left. The result is a layby area now enclosed between two stone walls and used by local authorities as a road gravel storage area. The road alignment was at the cost of demolishing a wayside chapel as mentioned in the previous introduction page.

Le Touret Miltary Cemetery - 11 Rue du Bois, 62136 Richebourg - 50�33'38.04"N  2�43'20.67"E

The military cemetery is approximately 0.5 km. west of the Last Absolution site. The entrance is on the left-hand side of the road. There are a number of names of Munster Fusiliers soldiers comemorated in this cemetery.  

 La Couture  -  Locon  -  Tombe Williot.
50�34'52.20"N   2�42'50.43"E
 50�34'13.53"N   2�40'0.66"E
 50�34'54.67"N  2�39'12.74"E

All three of the above locations are associated with the 2nd battalion Munster Fusiliers. The battalion passed through the town of La Couture on their way to the trenches near the Cinder Track (Ruelle Noirette).

At Locon the battalion celebrated St. Patrick's Day at a church in Locon, the church name has not been identified.

Rue de la Tombe Williot was a billeting area for Allied troops, it was from here the 2nd battalion Munster Fusiliers started their journey to the trenches on the evening of 8 May 1915. The billetting area would have be requisitioned farm houses and out buildings spread around Tombe Williot. 

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