RMFA AGM -2013

At a recent meeting of the executive committee it was agreed that The AGM for 2013 will now take place in The Hibernian Hotel in Mallow, Co. Cork on Saturday the 11th of May 2013 @ 12.00pm.

Anyone wishing to nominate a candidate for any one of the following positions can contact the secretary stating the person they wish to nominate and the position they wish to stand for. All nominations must be received by the secretary not later than Monday April 29th.

The Executive

(1) Association President.

(2) Chairman.

(3) Honorary Secretary.

(4) Treasurer.

There are also 4 Committee Member positions available.

The Journal Sub-Committee will also be looking for anyone with fresh ideas who would wish to take on the task of continuing the future of The Bengal Tiger

One of the items that will be up for discussion at the AGM will be the future of The Journal. In it’s present state it is not financially viable due to the high cost of production. Alternative ideas will be discussed at the AGM.

The present journal committee is seeking a new Editor as the present Editor, Mr  Gerry White has announced that he is stepping down as Editor. The Association wishes to acknowledge the tremendous amount of work that Gerry has put into the last 3 journals.


The Annual General Meeting of the Royal Munster Fusiliers Association will be held in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow, Co. Cork, on Saturday May 7, commencing at 3p.m.


1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of the last Annual General meeting
3. Chairman’s address
4. To receive the annual report from: The Secretary; the Treasurer
5. Adoption of reports – Moved by – Seconded by.
6. Appointment of committee and executives
7. To consider recommendations
8. Any other business.

Note: the closing date for recommendations (proposals) is one week prior to the AGM.


First RMFA wreath in Cork November 1993.

It was not long after the Royal Munster Fusiliers Association was founded in Limerick that it was decided to attract some attention in Cork, once the largest catchment area of the ‘Munsters’. We had by this time several members from Cork in the Association but we thought it better not to attempt too big a show. So with that in mind, on a grey November day in 1993 four of us piled into a car and set off for Cork to lay a wreath at their war memorial. We left at 7a.m. from Limerick, arriving and parking at Cork at 8.30. It was planned to lay our wreath precisely at 11 a.m., so we had plenty of time to reconnoitre and get a ‘feel’ of the situation. When the eleventh hour struck, and the little ceremony had started, we were delighted to notice that some passers-by had stopped to watch in silence, impressed seemingly by the quiet dignity of the laying. It might be fanciful for me to think that our small act sparked what was later to become the impressive Remembrance Day ceremony now seen in Cork – but who is to say?

We only stayed long enough to take one or two photographs for ‘posterity’, and then home. It seems so long now since that day, and sad to think that three of the four who travelled with me are now gone.

Gordon Spillane


Left to right, J. Raels (RIP), J. Connery (RIP), G. Spillane,
J. Moore (RIP) took the photograph

Annual General Meeting 2011

Our Annual General Meeting was held in the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow on Saturday May 7. We were pleased that the meeting had a good attendance and a great amount of business was covered in the two hours allotted. After the meeting there was plenty of time to meet old friends, all of whom had arrived from all points of the province.

The reports of the Secretary, and the Treasurer, gave a picture of a very strong organisation, pointing to good prospects for the future, provided that we remain within present financial boundaries.

The following is a small selection of points discussed at the Annual General Meeting.

It was accepted by the meeting that the Association committee be increased by 3 members. The three members (unopposed): J. Prendergast (Cork); G. White (Cork); T. Dillon (Kerry).

Committee now: J. Prendergast; G. White; T. Dillon; B. Good; D. Carroll.

It was agreed that the RMFA journal would now be distributed from Cork by the Journal Committee; the Journal Committee having for that purpose a nominal roll of all bona fide members.

A more simplified RMFA Constitution/Rules put before the meeting was accepted unanimously.

The meeting agreed that the membership fee be increased to €15, to offset the cost of producing the new style journal and also to bring the Association in line with similar organisations.

It was agreed that the occasional meetings between the Executive and its committee continue.

It was suggested that the Association produce a greeting card based on a design adopted by the Royal Munster Fusiliers (pending).