A message from the President of the RMFA

In this time of crisis, here follows a message from our President, Mr Ollie Griffin.


Keep the home fires burning, while your hearts are yearning.

Though the lads are far away, they dream of home.

There’s a silver lining, through the dark clouds shining.
Turn the dark clouds inside out
’till the boys come home.
A wonderful Great War song uplifting but sad. Also I remember the last of the “Munsters” singing this in the Legion Club before they faded away in time. There are some lines in it which would be applicable to our horrible situation at present. I know all our “hearts are yearning” for a return to the good old days and we will see a “silver lining” when this is all over. Forgive me for talking shop but when things are better and we will have to pick up the pieces, membership will slump etc. I have no worries as knowing you all and your loyalty and dedication to our association, we will succeed.
I am looking forward to our first meeting when we will ” turn the dark clouds inside out” and hit the ground running.
The best of health to you and yours
Happy Easter and
God bless you all
“Up the dirty shirts”.