Memorial at Frezenberg



The Association, in conjuction with other Regimental Associations, has joined the initiative begun by the Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association to erect a memorial stone to mark the centenary of the tragic involvement of these Divisions in the Third Battle of Ypres (31st July to 10th November, 1917), also known as Passchendaele.

Following the success at Messines two months earlier, both Divisions again fought side-by-side  at Frezenberg. Having been in the front line for a period before the assault, both Divisions had suffered serious losses. Massively under strength and physically weak, both assaulted Frezenberg Ridge on 17th August and suffered losses so high that they had to be relieved.

The attack was a complete failure.

The attack led to the amalgamation or disbandment of many Irish battalions and the departure of the 16th Division from Flanders.

The memorial stone in honour of both Divisions, will complete the story of these two Divisions which began in 1998 with the opening of the Island of Ireland Peace Park at Messines and the placing of two Divisional memorial stones on the road into Wijtschate in 2007.

The Association will make a donation towards the cost of this memorial. If any member wishes to contribute towards the cost of the memorial, this can be done by forwarding the contribution to the Secretary or doing so at our forthcoming A.G.M.

This will probably be the only memorial on the Western Front to carry the names of the participating Regimental Associations which will be a fitting legacy.