Memorial to the Irish Infantry Regiments

                                                Memorial to the Irish Infantry Regiments

                                     National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire, England


As part of the above memorial, it is proposed to set out a paved map of Ireland, surrounded by a grove of trees.

The paved map will be marked with the Regimental Depot of each of the Irish Infantry Regiments [ Tralee, in the case of the Munsters] . The depot locations will be illustrated by a stone plaque engraved with the Regiment’s badge or crest.

The project will cost in the region of £St 80,000 to realise and it is hoped that it can be completed by the summer of 2016.

To date, almost £St16,000 has been raised but an appeal is now being made to all the Regimental Associations and their members for contributions to the completion of this project.

The Royal Munster Fusiliers Association Committee has agreed to make a donation to the project and any member who wishes to make an individual donation should send it to our Treasurer,

Mr. Joe McNulty

1 College View Drive,

Shannon Banks,